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كتائب القسام




The war only proves one thing that the human remains inhuman. In a war always lose more than you win. Killing a person to defend an ideology is not to defend an ideology is to kill a person. No such will be the third world war, only the fourth be with sticks and stones. Fighting for peace is like fucking for viginidad. We are the new warriors but not our war physically if not mentally we pity, you are warned NOT WARS support.
War is a crime in which all crimes are involved. In so many well known phrases people in the world to date will mine, comes with questions I hope you can give me the answer. Always Lose At Least War Indicated Meanwhile, The People Die The Government Lives! And Where Are The Presidential Pumps In The Houses? Nowhere did the people is bound to Die For Election Of A Human! Free Planet Earth. Team Hack Argentino 2012-2014
::Proving Again That Your Safety Is So Bad As His Policies::

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